The Day Before Valentines’

Do you already have a date tomorrow?

Be it a friend, a family, or a special someone i hope you’ll have a great time.

Though i have a lot of thoughts about love, i’ll try to organize my thoughts and hopefully i’ll  have the courage to publicize it.

In the meantime, here are some pre-valentine pics that inspired me throughout the week.

Valentine Book Tower
Valentine Book Tower

VALENTINE CALENDAR – c/o my husband  our personalize calendar

LOVE BOOKS must read (in my opinion)

From the top: Love the one you’re with by Emily Griffin – the title says it all

The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho – i don’t know if others consider this as a love story but i do

Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris – real “dating” stories that may inspire and encourage to stay pure while you’re dating

The Four Loves by CS Lewis – identifying the levels of love

The Five Love Languages of Children by Chapman and Campbell – I used this for my pamangkins (nephews and nieces) to ensure that i can meet and i understand their love languages.  It’s really helpful.

I Love You rituals by Becky Bailey – incorporating loving touched, loving words through nursery rhymes and traditional songs.  Good for toddler years – can’t wait to do the rituals with our Sebastian.

Love in Every Room  by Dornacher – this should be my blog’s title (it’s taken!) i love how the author fills each room in the house with verses from the Bible.

Heart Jacket
Heart Jacket

The funniest girl – My niece Jeanne

Valentine Cake
Valentine Cake
Heart Cakes
Heart Cakes

Cakes baked by my sister Janice.

Please like her page on Facebook: My Mom Baked It.

I have to buy some flowers – hopefully hindi sobrang mahal (overpriced) and write a love letter… he,he…

In any form, let’s celebrate each day with love in our hearts, always ready to show kindness, to forgive, to speak encouraging words, to lift our burdens in prayer remembering that we can love because He first loved us!

Stop for now, i have to feed our cute, cuddly, lovable valentine:


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