Judas and Peter

What’s the difference between Judas and Peter?

Why was the one an apostle and the other one was a curse?

Both human.

They’re both discipled.

Been with Jesus for three years.

Both heard the message, walk with Christ, drink with Christ, eat with Christ, flee with Christ… been with Christ with the most ordinary, mundane things.

Both denied the Lord Jesus.

The one denied to earn, the other to save his life.

Both are sinners.

Both are forgiven.

But the other did not received.

The other embraced the forgiveness can only be found in Christ.

Peter tasted the Fish.

Judas just set it on the table.

This Lenten Season, just as we take the time to reflect then repent, then restitute i hope we will also take time to accept the forgiveness that will set us free — which can only be found in Jesus Christ!



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