Made with Love

Today is our first wedding anniversary.

When i look at the sun, the moon, the trees and the sky i am in awe of His creation.

Then I fell in love and still in love…

and received one of life’s rich blessing: a son.

Only God can create these beautiful treasures in my life.






For in Him all things were created
For in Him all things were created

Cheers to life – and to everything that God created in our lives!

I love you Ryan Joseph R. Amog and i’m thankful im Sebastian Raz’s mom!


Make-up, Hairstyle and Photography: Christine D. Galope

Styling: Michelle G. AMOG (me)

Michelle’s Outfit: dress and shoes from Forever 21, feathered pin from Aldo, Earrings from Rockwell Tiangge

Ryan’s Outfit: neon top from Zara, straw hat from Payless, white jeans from Bench, sneakers from Pony

Sebastian’s Outfit: onesie from Zara, mittens from Mothercare, socks from Zara, shoes from Enfant


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