Sunday Bouquet

my wish

It’s been a while since my last post.

Almost three weeks ago since our helper Mitchie have to leave so she can take care of her 6 year old brother – who had a major operation.  We’re still looking for a helper (which is hard)  and i thought i’m not going to write or share anything for at least another month but something inside my being pushed me to take this oppurtunity (my baby is sleeping and my mom is beside him) and stop thinking about the laundry, the broom, the groceries.. the dishes..and the list doesn’t stop (all momma’ say agree!!!)

I love writing, I have tons of books in different size and colors and shapes— and it gives me life, it inspires me everytime i finished an article. I also love sharing things that i create or photos that burst out my creativity. And what is the best way to start your week but to do something you love?  It stirs the passion and the joy in being alive – thus you overflow and be a blessing to others.

To my subscribers, thank you! Thank you that you are an assurance to this blogger-rookie momma that i am doing something good.  I hope that you will continue to visit my site and hoping you find something that inspires you and im certain you’ll share them.

This post is dedicated to you.  I am also planning to blog previous topics that i already saved on my draft box, and i’m inspired on the next coming days to share inspirations and love to inspire you!

Great week is ahead!




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