Oh! Merry Month of May


How are you loves?

Time flies so fast and no matter how hard we try it easily slips in our hands, thus it’s important to make not events but memories.  I am not saying that we should always be perky, gay or busy.  What I mean is despite of the challenges, heartache, need or want or pain we can still walk with head held high full of courage, hope and faith – to believe that things will get better.  These are not the thoughts in my head when I took these photos but I hope you’ll find these words significant as you face another month. May this be not just another month that will pass and be forgotten.  May you find your everyday life excites you to create, to pursue or to dream… May you not fail to count your blessings and make way to be one.  May you make good choices and wise decisions.  May your smile be brighter starting today!
Enjoy this month loves!


IMG_1325 IMG_1331 IMG_1326


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