Thoughts on Motherhood

Thoughts on Motherhood

Oh! yes it’s true a child can bring out the best in you… and worries too.
One night, while feeding Sebastian (he was on his first week) I just cried and cried…
I have nothing to give to my son… I have no properties, no stock investments, I don’t have a title to my name and I’m not a master of anything… My heart was broken and filled with sadness, regrets and hopelessness… then he looked at me… like he was going to say something… I smiled while tears are flowing from my eyes and sang a lullaby for him to sleep. Suddenly, peace rose into my heart. God reminded me that Sebastian is a gift. I did not asked for him, nor expected him but God gave me a son anyway. I am entrusted with a life. If I have a heart to raise Sebastian, live with him not just die for him, if i’m ready to sing countless lullabies, forgive 77 times a day, feel achieved when I put him to sleep… look at my baby with love each time he cries… unending list of everyday ordinary task and moments that happens when you become a mother…
You can never really be ready in motherhood. It will take you to places you’ve never been… beautiful, dangerous places… But I am not alone.  I am surrounded with people who loves me and loves my son.. and I have my God to grant me everyday grace I need, will need on this journey called motherhood.

Happy Wednesday Loves, kiss your mom and hug her tight!

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