Life in polish

Just a little bit of inspiration to start the day right.
I hope this will cheer you up!

Orange, Pink, Teal and Yellow Face Shop Nail Polish, Green Maybelline Color Show

Isn’t it true?

Hopefully this August, there won’t be too much blue 🙂

Sometimes life could be…

Nude, White, Gray, Clear Nail Polish all from Face Shop

Which is a beautiful thing.

The daily grind, though sometimes may seem mundane are still the ones that should make the most sweet  memories.

Crackling Nail Polish from Face Shop, Glittery Gold Nail Polish from Maybelline, Sassa Dotted Nail Polish, Glittery Purple Nail Polish from Forever 21


… is what I hope there’d be more of me…

when we put passion in everything we do… it’s impossible not to shine!

Finally,  I hope our lives will be more…

Light Pink Nail Polish from Forever 21, Blue, Red and Purple Nail Polish from Maybelline


May we live a generous life.  A life that doesn’t intimidate but inspires the people around us.

Let’s add on more beauty in this world by giving more kindness, understanding, leadership, more of us…

Let our lives radiate and vibrantly showing that this world, despite of everything that’s going on is still the best place we can live in!

Cheers! to the 7th day of August!



The items on this post are not for purchase/commercial purpose.

I just find inspirations/ ideas on the things around me.




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