Staycation Summer

It’s summer in the Philippines and since I started working I stayed at home on most days of summer.  I used to just spent most of my free time on window shopping (uh!…) on nearest the nearest mall (shopping haven) but when motherhood hits me I prefer to just stay at home and rest.  Here are some of my non-boredom-more rest summer essentials:



Fans are classy and pretty useful on summer days!  


Snacks is a must!  merienda cena is a choice of traditional palaman (spreads) perfect for pandesal or crackers.  I prefer cold drinks so a sparker is perfect for me!  Iced cold coffee is not bad either! 

Crochet outfits are hip and chic to wear this summer!  


 Juicy- Citrus fruits to freshen up especially on a hot summer afternoon


 Flowers, dried or fresh is the recipe of a beautiful summer at home.  You can place it anywhere to add a homey feel plus it easily brightens up your space.  Placed it in a rattan or weaved bag – some earth touch.



Good Books – inspirational, instructional, psychological or a good elementary story books will do!  Anything that will keep me away from watching TV ( I can watch E! for hours)


Above all wear a happy heart!  Wherever you will spend your summer! 😘

Summer saya! 


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