Rainy Days

Besides sleeping and snuggling someone (mine is my baby) what do you do on a rainy day?  

I love to stay at home when it’s raining.  (Although I make sure to get a dose of rain drops from time to time 😉) I love watching the rain from our window while I let myself drown with some deep thoughts and lots of imagination…  A cup of tea is my companion on rainy days.. I only got to do this when my son is asleep (while my husband is at work)… It’s hard to drink a hot cup of tea while chasing a toddler ey!

It’s good to do some form of creative escape on a rainy day.  Be it doodling, or sketching, painting, pottering or sewing i guess theres something about the cold weather that infuses my creativity… Like tablescaping.

Get some greens inside!!! These welcome plants are perfect inside!  They dont need much sunrise 🌞

 Be grateful!  Life is a season just like the weather!  Although we might get caught up from seriously bad traffic or not get a ride on rainy days… Those days will pass that’s why no matter what and where and who we’ll be with on rainy days and rainy days of our lives, let’s 
 Good day loves! 


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