Gray Sofas

 I’ve been thinking about gray sofas lately… And when I say lately I mean for the past two years! (Ha!ha!). Like everyone else budget sets my limit.  I decided though that I will push to have a piece of this dream before Christmas.  I calculated and all I need to do is to stick on my grocery budget and avoid buying extra toiletries ( i just realized that I always add up an additional 3000 pesos [around 80 usd] everytime we went to SnR [local Target like store] by piling up 2 sets of lotion or shampoo…), relent my sweet tooth and plan my ‘window shopping moments’ (to avoid cab, uber and those pricey coffee fees).

Now that I have a plan I can see that vision coming to pass… and much as i’m excited to have that piece of furniture I am more excited to see how I can stick on this ‘saving plan’, be more wise in spending the hard earned money.

Photo credits:

1st and 2nd photos: Ikea

3rd and 4th photos:Crate & Barrel

5th and 6th photos: West Elm


Thank You Lord for giving me a supportive husband (trying out a gray sofa bed in a local store- Dimensione, BGC… 😂 ) 


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