Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hello Guys!

We had our usual Thanksgiving Celebration just this afternoon!

Just a simple merienda with my family.  Here are some photos of the tablescape I prepared for this years occasion. I hope you’ll also take the time to check out past Thanksgiving Tablescapes  here and here.

Here are the five things I am thankful for this year:

  1. Thank you all for your views, likes, comments and for following me.  It gives me lot’s of encouragement and it brings more energy juice. 🙂
  2. Thankful for my family and friends, for their support and encouragements.
  3. Life is not complete without my Sebastian.  My child reminds me to be thankful everyday on most mundane, ordinary things in life which really helps me stay grounded and to take things slow, digest my everyday life and somehow managed to be in awe on life’s simplest things.
  4. He took care of my boy while I’m preparing a table or creating my vision, he financed my hobbies, he shops with me, dine with me and do all the BTS’ – thankful to my husband I love you Ryan! (he painted the kalabasa like it was a gundam toy!)
  5. Thank You Father, for being my life, my whole and my everything!






What are you thankful of?

I hope you’ll share yours too!




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