7 Gifts to Give this Christmas


Good thoughts produced good gifts.

Every year, gift giving is one of my favourite Christmas traditions.  Growing up from a poor family we didn’t had a lot of chance in receiving and giving gifts every Christmas.  Now that we’re grown ups and God has been good in in our lives, one way we give back is by giving meaningful gifts on this season of joy.

Here are some gifts my husband and I prepared this Christmas:


  1. The Gift of Food – The cookies, candies and sparkling juice were bought from S&R, one place where you can affordable  Christmas sweets from fresh baked cookies to cakes, cupcakes and brownies.  Just make sure to check the expiration date.   Marks and Spencer is one of my favourite store to buy chocolates. Teas and macarons were from Laduree Paris can be found in 8 Rockwell in Makati. Check out this article about it.
  2. The Gift of Fashion – For babies and basic shirts Uniqlo is a go to place.  For some cute and whimsical designs check out HM.
  3. The Gift of Wellness – Healthy juice drinks and vitamins are also a great gift this Christmas especially for the young once.  Healthy Options is the go to store for these kind of gifts.
  4. The Gift of Beauty – Perfumes, make-ups and body care.  Local brands like Bench and Kashieca have affordable selections.
  5. The Gift of Art and Mindfulness – Cute notebooks, colouring pens, markers, colouring books, books and drawing pads are great gifts for 3 to 90.  The colouring books are so hit right now, it’s a also a great gift to give to yourself. I bought some from National Bookstore, Fully Booked and Muji.
  6. The Gift of Fun – Children love toys.  Legos and building blocks to sticker books are great gifts to give this season.
  7.  The Gift of Love – Whether your gifts were brought from tiangges, Divisoria or mall areas, if you wrapped it with love and much thoughtfulness, and bought it with beautiful thoughts for that person, or you created a nice card to let them know that you remember them, dedicated with much love and appreciation then YOU HAD GIVEN THE BEST GIFT OF ALL.  

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