Home Tour: Sebastian’s Room


This is Sebastian’s room.  This is more of his playroom (and guest room) than his bedroom. My favourite person in the world still sleeps with us.



Most of the items here were heritage. My nephew and nieces old toys, my old bookshelves, books we bought before he was born and conceived.  Nothing is quite new except for the wooden toys and beddings which I bought a couple of months ago from HM. Every piece in this room has it’s own story and Sebastian is creating his own personal stories with them which made these “stuff” valuable and special.




I have to say my most favourite piece inside the room as of the moment is the map (we bought in Fully  Booked).  He loves to point places or countries and i’ll tell him what it is.  The map gives me the vision that someday my son will go places.  That he will be a person of influence… this isn’t so obvious right now (we are in a journey of helping Sebastian speak effectively).  But like the story before the first Christmas… the conception of Jesus,  like  Mary I will choose to sing a song of worship and grace and I embraced the blessing from Elizabeth: “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfil His promises to her!” Luke 1:45.


Have a blessed day ahead and embrace your little ones for me…




15 Days to go and it’s Christmas!


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