Sunday Bouquet

     It’s the last Sunday of 2015 and it still feels like the year just started.  Time flies so fast and all we have are our memories on how we spent them.  If you’re planning to spend your New Years Eve at home, I hope you’ll find some inspiration on these set-up’s I’ve made.  These are just simple, not so expensive flowers you can find in your local market.  I bought these from Dangwa and spent P700 (around USD15).  Flower arrangement doesn’t need to be expensive or grandeur all the time.  It should be encouraging.  Encouraging for people to commune in the table and enjoy the meal, conversations and togetherness.  What we bring forth in the table is more important than what’s already in it.  The attitude of gratefulness, love, humour and gracious words are far more important on the hydrangeas, wines, diptyques or lechons.  I hope you’ll enjoy your New Year’s Eve dinner with your loved ones… If somehow you’re far away with them may you be surrounded by your friends or people that you consider as your extended family.  May you have meaningful ways to spend the last days of 2015.  Be it spending time with your kid, going out on movies with your wife or special friend, hanging out with your barkadas or simply spending time with your self, listening to podcasts or lining up some great playlists, colouring your drawing books or doing some life goals for the coming year… May you find something meaningful to do and create beautiful memories as we bid farewell to 2015.  In the mean time if you have some free time I hope you’ll take time listening to this spirit filled podcast by Pastor Joey Bonifacio.

A touch of Pinoy
Small Pinya and a bouquet of atsuete for only 50php or around USD1
Alone but not lonely 
A touch of Nordic
Home for New Year mini house from H&M
DSCF3224 (1)
A Pinch of Romance
Cookies from S&R
Ecuadorian Roses for Php 450 around USD10


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