I am inspired to native americans chiefs and elders. Their headdresses are not mere ornaments but a symbol of acquired wisdom, courage and bravery they’ve done for their tribe.  May Sebastian grow up to be a worthy chief of his generation, the generation before and after him.

Just like other parents I have high hopes for my son.  But more than my dreams for him reaching his full potential in terms of the talents and abilities God gave him (will give him in the future) , I am fervently praying that may the Lord guide me in raising a courageous, brave, upright character man.  It’s character that will bring him to distance… And it’s character that will lead him there.  

I am certain it takes hardwork, strength, time, energy and devotion.  After all, my husband and I are his first role models- may I live a life of character.

Have a great day and embrace your little chiefs for me!

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