Get in the mood

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and the best way to get in the mood is to listen to some good, timeless, classics of Frank Sinatra.  Ill start with some beats like Something Stupid, Ive Got You Under My Skin and You Make Me Feel So Young.  The playlist will not end without The songs All The Way ( the digital remastered duet with Celine Dion is my favorite version), Fly Me To The Moon and The Way You Look Tonight.  This should be matched with some lights hanging on the walls with some sparkling grape juice (for some wine effect) and lots of candles around the living room… If only I have some cash I’ll play it on records but for now my iphone is fine attached to my lepow speakers.    The table should be ready and overpriced flowers are not a must so some leaves and some heart shaped paper spread on the table is perfect!  To have some Ferrerro or Royce chocolate is great though I would also enjoy some Choconuts.  The attire shouldnt be a trouble- sleek and clean and fresh and barefoot. And the mood is perfect with a dancing partner!  I am so glad I have two!  These Two: 


For some OPM mood… It’s best to listen to Rey Valera 👌

Happy Valentines Day!  


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