On dreaming again…

Sparkling New Beginnings

Looking back, my 2016 didn’t turned out to be the way i planned, i thought of and i dreamed of.  I dreamed of climbing mountains and visiting places i’ve never been.  My husband and I were planning to travel in Asia (Singapore and Japan) and as early as January starting to plan spending our Christmas and New Year with my sister in Australia. I have my list of local places to visit that year but i didn’t set my foot on any of those places.  my 365 days, 100% of that in Metro Manila, 98% BGC 2% other parts of the Metro.  I have to admit that there were moments that i cried, thinking how underachiever I’d become.  I don’t know if it’s the hormones due to my pregnancy or just a discouraged spirit because my firstborn is still quite challenged to speak… Or because my faith turned wimpy it stopped believing that life is beautiful and that dreams do come true.

I’m still not sure what’s the answer I realized I dont have to analyze it.  Life just have a way of pressing us on the wall not to bring out the beast in us but the best in us!

My 2016 ended with a lot of things to look up to, though… The birth of my daughter and the thought that God still entrusted me with a human being give me not only hope but the freshness of new beginnings. The assurance that it’s okey to dream again.  It’s great to set new goals again.  It’s alright to move forward!

Bewang Please 😫

It is my prayer that this year  may I be wise in using my time, spending my time and giving my time.  May I be wise in knowing where and when to invest my time and when i am wasting it… So let this 2017 be a wiser, healthier year… And may we have a spirit that is always in awe of God’s new beginnings..


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